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Category: "Spanish", 3212 lists.

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Asking for Directions (Spanish),

 12 Cards  List with sounds
Created by Transparent Language
Tags:   1 12 a Ask Asking banks beginners card colours come derecho Direction Directions entiendo food for franceza giving hoss is l List meeting nada no on people phrases Spanish TL todo travel two What your 问路
Posted on:   12/19/2006

3.9/5 (9 votes) (20 comments)
By:   TL

#1: Master Word List (Spanish),

 248 Cards  List with sounds
Words I Might Use
Tags:   - 1 248 clean enfermera georgeswords georgewords helpful Hoss List Master Priti Seb SL Spanish t tengo to up whats Word words
Posted on:   02/27/2008

4.8/5 (4 votes) (18 comments)
By:   franklin

"ER" verbs (Spanish),

 21 Cards
"ER" verbs in Heywood Wald's "Spanish Is Fun" book 1, 3rd edition
Tags:   do er goergesverbs how spanish sponish verbs you
Posted on:   02/26/2007

5.0/5 (1 vote) (4 comments)
By:   Profemeritus

Alphabet (Spanish),

 30 Cards  List with sounds
Sounds of the alphabet in spanish.
Tags:   ABC alf alphabet F spanish
Posted on:   01/08/2007

4.7/5 (3 votes) (3 comments)
By:   davidaearthy

1. Verbos Regular Preterito (Spanish),

 7 Cards
1. Verbos Regular Preterito
Tags:   espanol goergesverbs2 I love Past spanish stop tense to verbs you
Posted on:   01/10/2007

5.0/5 (1 vote) (2 comments)
By:   cristina_g

Lesson 01 Part 01 (Spanish),

 15 Cards  List with sounds
Taken from Say It In Lesson 01
Tags:   1part01 general georgeswords hoss lesson past Spanish tense words
Posted on:   05/24/2007

5.0/5 (1 vote) (5 comments)
By:   TL

Spanish 1 Chapter 2 (Spanish),

 74 Cards  List with sounds
Ven Conmigo Level One chapter Two
Tags:   1 1-2 2 32481 chapter Chapter2 Dani georgeswords3 List Misc Numbers spanish Spanish1 weather
Posted on:   10/03/2007

4.2/5 (5 votes) (0 comments)
By:   etclimber

Ultimate Spanish Advance Lesson 1 (Spanish),

 50 Cards
vocabulary from dalogue Lesson 1
Tags:   advanced Bengt dog georgeswords3 spanish vocabulary
Posted on:   06/09/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (8 comments)
By:   mdobbles

Greetings (Spanish),

 41 Cards  List with sounds
Tags:   1 age and buenas did errores facilitation flashcards greeting greetings i in incorrect introduction is language learn Level1 needed really spanish tardes this to VenConmigo venus
Posted on:   07/10/2007

3.0/5 (4 votes) (2 comments)
By:   etclimber

character (Spanish),

 30 Cards
personal character
Tags:   1 asking character Cuidate direction father spanish speaking things
Posted on:   01/05/2007

3.7/5 (3 votes) (1 comment)
By:   Zielona

Question Words (Spanish),

 8 Cards
Spanish Question Words - Interrogatives
Tags:   Interrogative Question QUESTIONS Spanish Words
Posted on:   07/20/2007

3.0/5 (1 vote) (5 comments)
By:   etclimber

Spanish 1 Capitulo 1 (Spanish),

 75 Cards  List with sounds
Ven Conmigo Level 1 Chapter 1
Tags:   capitulo1 daily dano georgeswords3 i language love Spanish1 Vickie you
Posted on:   09/16/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (2 comments)
By:   etclimber

Pesos (0) - Handy phrases (Spanish),

 12 Cards
handy phrases picked up in 1st class of spanish
Tags:   2 Phrases spanish
Posted on:   01/13/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   ccarrot

Meeting and Greeting 1 (Spanish),

 9 Cards  List with sounds
Created By Transparent Language
Tags:   1 and Como e esta greeting1 meeting simp spanish usted
Posted on:   04/03/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (1 comment)
By:   TL

Pesos (2) - Food, Drinks, Eating Out (Spanish),

 53 Cards
Vocab from chapter 2 of the Pesos spanish tutition book
Tags:   meals spanish
Posted on:   01/13/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (1 comment)
By:   ccarrot

verbos reflexivos 2 (Spanish),

 30 Cards
reflexive verbs
Tags:   goergesverbs ivos reflex Spanish verbs
Posted on:   06/06/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (2 comments)
By:   ejc

Realidades 2 Capítulo 7B (Spanish),

 43 Cards  List with sounds
Flash cards for the Realidades Textbook series.
Posted on:   06/18/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (1 comment)
By:   TL

.Chapter 1 Review of Present Tense, Irregular Verbs (Spanish),

 74 Cards  List with sounds
Review many words in Chapter 1 of an older High School Text called El Camino Real II.
Tags:   1 Chapter Irregular of Present Tense Verbs
Posted on:   11/13/2007

3.0/5 (1 vote) (1 comment)
By:   brotherwmk

Art Words (Spanish),

 12 Cards
Art Words
Tags:   art spanish
Posted on:   01/10/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (2 comments)
By:   cristina_g

At the Hotel (Spanish),

 16 Cards  List with sounds
Created By Transparent Language
Tags:   1 downloads habitacion hoss hotel la lesson script Software spanish
Posted on:   04/03/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   TL

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