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Kevin Campbell

Julie Stone

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I am learning Brazilian Portuguese because I am working in Brazil for a couple months at a time. I paid a lot of money for Rosetta Stone since I heard it was the best. After spending two weeks of 2-3 hours a day studying, I felt I was not getting very far with Rosetta Stone. I find it very slow and fairly boring.

I noticed Byki on the Internet and the audio part seemed quite useful so I downloaded it. I then gave Byki a quick try and within a few hours I could read, write and say more phrases in Brazilian than I could remember from the Rosetta Stone course. I continued using Byki and within two days I knew more words, phrases and sentences than I had learnt from the Rosetta Stone course over a two week period. Needless to say I have not touched Rosetta Stone since and I will continue using Byki.

John Fretwell

This is the best German software I have found so far! If I continue to enjoy using the lite version then I will definitely buy the deluxe. Also, I am REALLY impressed with the quality of sound. The voices are precise, easy to understand and very real. Thank you for a great product!

I really am enjoying this software, and was working on it earlier tonight. I am a military spouse already living overseas, and just found out that our next duty station is in Germany, so I have been searching for online software, to help me learn some German before we move. Yours has definitely been the best I have found. The lite version promises to be very helpful, and I am already thinking about downloading the deluxe version!

Thanks Again,
Tana Davis

I have spent a 'ton' of money trying to learn the French language but, to no avail, until now. When I am finished here I am going to download the deluxe and I know I will know this language inside and out. My business takes me into Canada and this process will be a great help.

Thank you for this great course. I am 57 years old and loving life.
Tom Gerhardt

I was thrilled to find your site, and even more so to discover that I could download Lite to get started. We have a large group of Portuguese friends and they will be excited to hear us use some words and phrases. I think this helps demonstrate our affection, and respect, for our friends and their families. I think the "free sample" download idea is an excellent one, and definitely made me a believer. I will be back for the full version as soon as I have some spare money!


I think you have a great tool for language learning. The native speakers are invaluable!!!

Alan Eddy Language Learner

I wish I knew about this product while studying Russian in school. I learned more using this for an hour than 3 years of school!

Amanda Faux

I am SO thrilled with your product. I know the version I have is free, but I feel it is so comprehensive in the course that I will be (when I am finally through the Byki free product) be ordering the full version. I have been amazed with the quality and extensive scope that you offer... for free. Truly, a wonderful product.

Byki Lite User Mike H. California

I haven't even had Byki Lite Spanish for a week yet and I have nearly learned all the lists. I am planning to buy the deluxe version as soon as I have all my stars.

With thanks
M J Grubb

The only comment I can make is, thank you for a brilliant product, and offering a "no strings" opportunity to try it I will definitely use the product again.

G R Burvill

I was unsure of what I was downloading and how effective it would be. However, I was pleasantly surprised, as it is simple to use and laid out in a way which makes it easy to learn. The native speaker is a great help in pronunciation and I like the fact you can slow the speed of the sentence to a pace which suits you. I would recommend adding a list for journeys, e.g. "how was your journey?" I would have found that useful. However, I think its a great website.

Hayley Willliams

My husband has had no French instruction whatsoever, not even high school. The flash cards were exactly what he needs. The ability to hear the right pronunciation is invaluable. Although I only downloaded the Byki Lite version only on Thursday, he has already started to be able to identify some of the words. And that's quite a feat considering the fact that he just turned 60.

Maxine Lantz

I downloaded this product for my 9 year old daughter who is learning to speak French in school. This is a great way to keep her French up and tutor her on the words she doesn't know. I recommended this site to her French teacher for all the kids in my daughter's class.

Thank you!
Veronica Natale

I took German in high school and have never used it in 30 yrs. I started the Byki Program and was amazed at how quickly I picked up the language. I find this an excellent learning tool! I do German Genealogy and learning German will help me tremendously in translating German to English or English to German.

Thank You for a wonderful learning experience!!!
Anita Tremblay

I've been studying Russian on my own for almost 2 years, from books. I don't have anyone to practice speaking Russian with, so I'm not sure how some words should sound. Byki has been a great help there. Once I master all the words in Lite version, I will probably upgrade.
Thanks for a great free product to get me started!

Stephan Byarlay

I downloaded this as a refresher. This program is great for beginners and I would highly recommend it to my friends. I am considering purchasing the entire package. I am completely satisfied with what you have to offer.
Thank you for the ability to learn a language in a user-friendly way at an excellent price!

Tamara Steinberg

I just returned from a trip to Italy. Your product was a great help to me. Found Italians really appreciated my attempts to communicate in their language. Am seriously considering your Deluxe edition. Am also interested in Spanish and French.

Alice Lee

I have recommended this product to friends who have children that are eager to learn French but the parents are unable to help them at home either with the pronunciation or with grammar. This way it is easy for a parent to help the child. I have truly found this to be THE best site on the web for its graphics, sound, method and layout. I have to add.. that day by day.. my confidence with my customers at the airport is increasing and I am overjoyed at actually remembering the pronunciations or numbers or words. Thank you very much.

With Warm Regards
Surbhi Patel

I think that this is a brilliant way to learn a new language, I do my bit each day and have learned a whole lot more things quicker than using tapes.

10/10 Adrian

My children are learning language at school and I was delighted as a mother in the ease that your product was delivered. I shall be giving your product 10 out of 10 at the next school meeting, I shall be promoting your product to all the school mums, as a good product and service is a rare thing to find for school.

Lynne Cole

I am currently taking a Spanish I class. This program has helped me dramatically.

Thank you so much for such a great product.
Charlene Gilmoour

I just sent out some info earlier on Byki to a friend in England who questioned how we'd tackle the subject of 'teaching' Spanish, to our 14 yr old daughter. I explained all about your program to him and he wrote back saying how he could tell we're very happy and satisfied, not to mentioned thrilled with this program! I home school our daughter and though I speak 'some' Spanish myself, since my mothers passing, I've had no one to speak it with, so I was in need of a refresher course. In this way, I was able to see for myself how well it works. I'm still amazed and yes, you may use anything I've said or written, with my pleasure!

Autumn Willbanks

I am learning a new language for first time (I am nearly 70) as a surprise for my daughter who has bought a home in Italy. I am thrilled with what I have learned in such a short time and at how easy I am finding it. Thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity.

Margaret. W

I find I graduate to next level too soon, can there be an option to start over? How do I say "Byki ROCKS" in Russian?... Happy crunching! :)

Brendon Ross

My only comment is-thank you for existing! You solved my greatest problem-deficit of learning product for Arabic language. so, thank you again

Greeting from Croatia!
Vladimira Becic

Your program is marvelous. I'M HAVING SO MUCH FUN! My wife and three of my children speak Spanish, one speaks French, and my oldest son speaks German, Italian and some French. He is an Australian citizen and sounds and spells like one. I'm 83 with an MA degree and five years of university teaching. And now trying to learn enough of a second language to talk to my six children.

Thank you for giving me the chance to do just that.
Al Boothby

I think it is a fine product. Well designed. Thoughtful. But for me it is just fun. I am 71

A. H. van Herp,

I have only just started to use the product. I have not done much yet although it is brilliant and I have recommended it to two other people. I am happy to provide additional feedback after I have used it for a couple of months.

Chris Kearton

I would like to say that this is the best Spanish course that I have found. I work in a field that has many Spanish speaking employees and many English speaking employees. I printed out the list of word and gave them to one of my crew chiefs to see if he could use them. He said that it was very very helpful, and that some of the Spanish speaking employees are trying to help him and also he is trying to help them, so that there is no language barrier between them. Again, I would like to thank you for having this available to the public and that I am going to order the deluxe edition within the month. You have a GREAT PRODUCT! THANK YOU.

Stephanie Altizer
Columbia, South Carolina

My kids learned all the colors easily, the flashcards are a great idea, I even learned them myself. The best Spanish teaching program I have seen yet.

Jan Joyce

Hi. I recently downloaded Byki, and I think it's a great help to make me understand my language more. I learn new topics everyday and I think it is the best program for people who want to learn a new language. I recently downloaded the Spanish version of colors and I did excellent in it, but I was hoping that you would put more ideas regards towards the Spanish language. For Example: Things around the house or Food or something in that perspective. I really appreciate this program and its become a pleasure to have. Keep up the fantastic work!

Hope Garcia

It is a good starter program. I enjoyed your French program. In fact I think it helped me more in France that several courses at various night schools. I hope the Portuguese program is equally as effective. I will look into it after the summer as I am returning to Brazil.

Thanks from an old school teacher. You guys are on the right track.
Stan Clement

The program would also make an excellent present for kids. When my two children were small, I used a similar approach for teaching them English - drew pictures on one side of the library catalogue cards and letters and words on the other side. I recommended Byki to colleague translators on Lantra (international translation e-forum hosted at today; for adults such as myself, after spending hours on serious translation work, this program is great fun while it makes learning effortless.

I have discovered your program by accident, through Google - I have a Gmail account for e-list subscriptions and Google displays leads related to the content in e-mails at the edge of the screen. The link to your web site appeared as I was reading a discussion on whether it's sensible to make the Irish language one of the official languages of the EU since practically everyone speaks English.

I wish you much success!

I own a lot of the Transparent Spanish programs for older Macs, but the Lite is terrific for brush up and learning just enough!!! You have a great company and product!

Pauline Ferwerda,
Spanish language learner

Byki is a really good program. Easy to use, and VERY effective. It's so good that I'll be upgrading to the Deluxe version tonight, not so much because I'd like the extra features, but because I really want to support this program.

Thank you Transparent Language for a really great tool.
Dan Bear, Byki and Language Now user

I would just like to thank you soooooo much for helping me on my way to Spanish. I'm just a 14 year old girl with a lot of Spanish friends. You are helping me soooo much.

Thank you once more for your help.
Thunder Melanie Ann Sptizer

I think the Byki program is great! Already I've learned so much and enjoy it tremendously. It's very easy to use and a lot of fun also! Keep up the great work!

Julie Lemieux
Spanish and Portuguese Learner, First time language software user

I think your program is AWESOME! The pronunciations are great and I can effectively teach my third graders with correct and accurate words and phrases!

GREAT teaching tool!
Staci Piatt, Third Grade Teacher

I studied Spanish for one year in school when I was 16-17 years old. Now I'm 41. My husband and I have sometimes talked about that it would be fun to know Spanish a little better (my husband doesn't know it at all, and I had forgotten most of it) partly because it's a nice sounding language, and also because it is useful in so many countries. The reason I got more interested, was that we heard a preacher speaking Spanish, and it was fun when we recognized some words we could understand because of their likeness with English or Swedish (our language). We had also just decided to go to Spain for vacation in the end of May (in 2 weeks). So I thought this would be the right time to freshen up my forgotten Spanish and learn some more, in order to understand and communicate some when we get there. So I ordered this course for Christmas. I've gotten through all the titles, and now I'm repeating.

I understand well what's in the course, but when I a few times have tried to talk with Spanish speaking people, I find it quite hard anyway. (Even though my friend complemented me on my fast learning with only a CD-ROM).It's a different thing to build my own sentences compared to repeating dialogues. I would have liked to have some grammar practice (building own sentences, especially to practice different common verb tenses) in this course, for example after the dialogues or as a separate title or activity.

Yes, this is the first language learning software that I've used.

Language Learner

I'm amazed at the learning technique the software employs. Having only used a few days, I have been able to retain and spout most of what I know.

Zach D, French Learner

Byki is perfect because I can customize it for what we're learning in my Italian class. It works great! I'd only hope for two changes with the software... One, I wish you had a searchable database so that I can quickly see if the word I'm inputting is already included with the program. That way I can just copy that word into my new list, along with its audio pronunciation and picture! Byki ROCKS! I'm addicted!

Gregory Earls

Some of the pronunciation is not mainland Spain, it is obviously S American. I have only had the product a week, but so far so good. I purchased it via a UK website (delivered within two days - excellent) and updated the Byki bit. Very pleased so far. Should have done this years ago!! I discovered I Can Speak Spanish from a write up in the UK computer magazine, which gave it a very good, write up.

Mrs. W V Clayton, Spanish Learner

We live in Portugal nine months of year, so I would like to learn the language!. I have tried various on-line sites but with no luck UP UNTIL NOW!! I have learnt more in the last couple of days than I have in six months. All I can say is Byki is absolutely brilliant.

Thanks for the up-grade I will certainly use it shortly.
Wynne Lewis, Portugal

Hello I found it perfect. I have looked threw many French/English websites and this is the only one I have found to be really helpful also work with a French lady also endorses this website. A lot of the wording on the other sites just wasn't correct.

Excellent product.
David Dodd

I have just started using the system (5 days) and thoroughly like it. I look forward to each session, and don't want to move faster than I can retain.

Ross Bausone

Being older, learning a language for the first time is a bit more challenging, but I am determined to succeed. I have wanted to learn Spanish for some time now. We had an exchange daughter from Argentina that lived with us her senior year of high school. We became very close and she has visited us several times since then. I plan to visit Argentina and want to be able to speak the language when I do.

I have tried several different methods to learn Spanish. I have taken a "Conversational Spanish" class and learned some, but not enough to be able to speak Spanish. I have also used other software, but most of the software I tried was just too overwhelming for me. I have trouble memorizing lists, concepts are much easier for me to learn, but hope that this program will work for me. I need to have the reinforcement and repetitive practice that your system gives.

I have trouble remembering the Spanish words to use when I want to express myself. I like the way that the cards cue for both the native language and the new language and build on the knowledge learned. I can remember the Spanish to English translation much easier than I can remember the English to Spanish translation. Therefore, as you can imagine, this is very frustrating when I want to practice speaking Spanish and cannot remember the words to use. I have practiced with the program every evening after work and can tell a difference already! I have had to start saying the words aloud though because I could remember the spelling and the word, but if I tried to remember the word to say I would lose it.

I bought a Spanish program for my young grandchildren a few years ago, which they love to play. I just realized that the program my younger grandchildren love is also a Transparent Language product, "KidSpeak Spanish". They love Pepa and enjoy playing the games in the program. Even the little ones, age 2 and 3, can play and have fun with it. They have learned the Spanish names of animals and the numbers without even trying. I have shared the "Byki Spanish" program with my older grandchildren who are taking Spanish in school and would recommend it and the "KidSpeak Spanish" to anyone who wants to learn Spanish at any age.

I would be honored to have you use any of my comments. I am happy to endorse a product that I really like and believe in. Thank you so much for helping me attain my language goals.

Carolyn LaMar

I enjoyed using Byki French very much I find it very helpful and easy to use. I have just enrolled in a basic course so it helps me to learn a bit of French before I attend my course.

Thank you
Mrs. Joyce Bell (a grateful pensioner)

Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying your products (especially the Latin program - I am Catholic, and I have noticed ever since Pope John Paul II died there has been a bit more Latin thrown back into the service here and there - and I must say, I hardly understood a word of it - only bits and pieces here and there.... and it made me wish I had taken Latin back in high school.) While your program is not the same as ecclesiastical Latin, nonetheless, it is a start, and I am truly enjoying it. I love hearing the recording of the gentleman reading the Aeneid....that, alone, makes it all worthwhile. I found myself actually following along, and I thought, "jiminy Christmas - I don't understand a word of it yet, but I can find where he is in the passage - - "

The Spanish will help me in my work, as I am a legal secretary in a city with a growing Hispanic population. I did take one year of Spanish [in 9th grade.... and I will not say how many years ago that was.... :-)) ] so the brush-up in Spanish will help with some of our clients here at the office.

However, I am beginning to think the German is beyond my tongue to pronounce....Every time I try, I end up laughing at myself at my feeble efforts to wrap my tongue around it....but, I'll keep trying. (I'll probably keep laughing at myself, too.)

Thank you for a most enjoyable way to spend an evening or a weekend.
Marian Taylor

Thank you for making learning languages so easy and free. I have opened this software up to my family and we are really enjoying it. I anticipate learning each of he languages you have available.

I have been using the Byki software everyday since the time that I downloaded it. Today, three members of my family were learning Spanish as we moved throughout the house. Our youngest (13) was at the computer using the flash cards and her mother and I followed along.

We've gone through a number of lists and will move to other languages when we complete Spanish. I am learning Spanish to improve my business. I am a Professor of Organizational Leadership. I have my own consulting company and eventually want to be able to offer instruction in Spanish. Ultimately, I will upgrade our system so that we continue to improve.

Dr. Dwayne B. Thomas

I started using your product this past February. My church has a Spanish Ministry. One of our members is an excellent speaker of Spanish. When I started the class, the other students were working on sentence structure. It was hard for me because I didn't have the vocabulary to form a sentence. I have previously purchase Spanish Language software from Transparent Language. When I registered the software, I learned about your product. I downloaded the free version and a week later I found myself purchasing and downloading the full version. As of today, I have caught up with the class and I am able to form sentences. My teacher and fellow student asked me how I caught up so fast. I told them about your product and even shared the flash cards that I printed out I recommended that they download the free version and try it out. They were amazed at how easy it was to use the product and how much fun it is. I love this product and will continue to use and recommend it.

Roslyn Mosley
Calumet City, Illinois

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