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Learn Spanish Free – Spanish Language Learning Software

Byki language learning software will teach you the most important Spanish words and phrases with an easy, addictive, and lightning-fast 3-step language learning process. Play games, use flash cards, perfect your Spanish accent with native speaker sound, test yourself, and take your learning with you on MP3 audio.

  • Hear Spanish spoken by real native speakers, complete with the ability to learn every nuance with Byki's SlowSound functionality.
  • Read and see the Spanish language in its native form.
  • Write words and phrases for stronger recall.
  • Track and maintain your learned items with Byki's Intelligent Refresh System.
  • Unlimited access with no time or session limits.
  • And best yet, it's absolutely FREE!
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Or, you can purchase Spanish Byki Deluxe, the full version of Byki which comes with premium content and functionality that allows you to do Spanish word activities, games and much more!

The Byki approach to learning languages

Many other language learning programs start by teaching grammar. Byki Language Learning Software is different. It leverages the fact that adults learn foreign languages by collecting words and phrases in their memory, like items in a basket. The more items you have, the more able you are to use your foreign language.

Learn More About Our Technology

To learn more about the leading language learning research that serves as the pedagogical basis for Byki, read our whitepaper on Byki and the declarative approach to language learning.

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