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Byki Deluxe

Byki Deluxe will teach you words and phrases in any of over 70 languages with an easy, addictive, and rapid 3-step process. Play games, perfect your accent, test yourself, and take your learning on-the-go with the companion Byki Deluxe mobile app for iOS or Android devices – a $7.99 value, included free!

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Byki Deluxe

Learn it fast

Use the Byki Quick Start lists to learn critical words and phrases early. All Byki vocabulary lists feature images, native speaker pronunciation, progress tracking, and SlowSound™ technology to help you understand every nuance of the spoken terms.

Lock words and phrases into your brain with a proven 3-step process.

Step 1: Preview It

Step 1:

Preview It - See the target-language term and its meaning together, to begin the process of learning them.

Step 2:

Recognize It - Recognize the target-language word or phrase and provide the meaning in the native language. Recognize It can have a self-reporting mode, in which users must think of the answer, and a written mode, in which the answer must be typed.

Step 2: Recognize It
Step 3: Produce It

Step 3:

Produce It - Provide the target language word or phrase upon prompting. Like Recognize It, this step can also have both a self-reporting mode and a written mode.

Know it forever

To ensure that you'll keep everything you learn in your long-term memory, Byki's Learned Items feature keeps track of your progress by recognizing the material you learn quickly and taking note of those items that give you more trouble. Using its Intelligent Refresh system, Byki helps you review the items you might forget along the way. If you're having difficulty with an item, it's refreshed more often. Other items are seen less frequently.

You can also check your progress with Byki's comprehensive testing options, including written, listening comprehension, dictation, and more. Additional games and activities will provide a fun way to cement your knowledge, while pronunciation practice will help perfect your accent.

Know it forever

Practice what you've learned

The activities and games in Byki Deluxe present opportunities for you to use
and practice your language skills:

Practice what you've learned
  • Tests - Test your knowledge and track your progress with four types of tests.
  • Multiple Choice - Choose the correct response for the flash card presented.
  • Fill in the Blank - Fill in the word missing from the phrase.
  • Word Whirl - Increase your language exposure with a hands-free activity.
  • Pronunciation Practice - Compare your pronunciation to a native speaker.
  • Concentration - Match the appropriate word or phrase to its meaning.

Learn at home and on-the-go

Take your language learning on-the-go with the free Byki Deluxe mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The mobile app presents the familiar 3-step learning process: Preview It, Recognize It*, and Produce It*. Features include:

Twitter™ Integration - This unique feature delivers a real-time Twitter search so you can see real-world examples of how people use the terms you are learning in actual conversations.

SlowSound™ - This audio control slows down the pronunciation of the words and phrases. Combined with native speaker recordings, this feature lets you hear every nuance of a language, so you can reproduce and master its proper pronunciation.

Searchable Phrasebook - The search feature provides you with a quick reference in your native language, allowing you to easily find the foreign language words and phrases you need.

*Written modes are not available on mobile versions of Byki Deluxe.

Byki Mobile on Android Byki Mobile on iOS

Customize your learning material and share with others

In addition to learning all of the content available in Byki Deluxe, you can create your own vocabulary lists and share them with our online community at Byki List Central. List Central allows you to find additional learning materials in dozens of languages posted by Byki users from all over the world.

System Requirements
Windows®: Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7 or 8, 1GB RAM, DVD Drive

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