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97 lists found.

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Lesson 01 Part 01 (Russian),

 15 Cards  List with sounds
Taken from Say It In Lesson 01
Tags:   animals black lesson Russian
Posted on:   05/24/2007

1.5/5 (2 votes) (2 comments)
By:   TL

Animals 1 (French),

 16 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
French Animals
Tags:   Animals fish fly French
Posted on:   03/08/2007

4.5/5 (2 votes) (0 comments)
By:   mroy

Adjectives (Latin),

 24 Cards  List with sounds
Taken from Learn Latin Now!
Tags:   adjectives animals Latin
Posted on:   05/24/2007

3.0/5 (1 vote) (0 comments)
By:   TL

Animals 1 (Italian),

 16 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
italian, chinese
Tags:   animals italian
Posted on:   04/25/2007

5.0/5 (1 vote) (0 comments)
By:   boneyard_biotch

Common Latin Roots Set 1-10 B (Latin),

 10 Cards  List with sounds
Common Latin Roots Set 1-10 B for Verbal SAT Prep at
Tags:   animals english latin roots
Posted on:   05/17/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   sherry rowell

Irish Animals 1 (Irish),

 15 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
Irish Animals
Tags:   Animals Bear Cat Dog Irish
Posted on:   03/08/2007

5.0/5 (3 votes) (0 comments)
By:   mroy

German Animals (German),

 14 Cards   List with images
A simple list of 14 animals in German.
Tags:   Animals worm
Posted on:   04/22/2008

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   epskoh

Regular Verbs - 1 (Portuguese),

 34 Cards
Miscellaneous Regular Verbs in Portuguese-European
Tags:   1 Animals European Regular Verbs
Posted on:   08/19/2008

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   jdfugatini

Animals 3 (Words) (Norwegian),

 17 Cards
More animals
Tags:   Animals
Posted on:   11/10/2009

0/5 (0 votes) (1 comment)
By:   Veneror

Cajun 2201: Les oiseaux (French),

 21 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
Common Louisiana birds
Tags:   animals birds cajun
Posted on:   10/04/2009

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   amandalafleur

100 Words French: Topic 6 (French),

 12 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
Animals. Interactive flashcards to accompany the bestselling activity book. Use online or download to your computer. Purchase byki Deluxe to have access to many more exciting features and games you can play with the flashcards.
Tags:   100 animals EVERYWHERE French words
Posted on:   11/16/2009

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   gandwpublishing

Animals (Japanese),

 24 Cards  List with sounds
List of animals - domestic & zoo
Tags:   Animals
Posted on:   06/07/2009

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   warrenbelz

Patrick Waddington (Russian),

 10 Cards
Patrick Waddington, Russian by subjects, chapter 17, garden animals
Tags:   animals garden
Posted on:   05/19/2008

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   Staubitz

Gardening (Dutch),

 31 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
Here are some first words you may want to learn on the topic of gardening.
Tags:   animals birds garden gardening herbs plants tools
Posted on:   07/11/2009

5.0/5 (1 vote) (1 comment)
By:   Jiltdijk

Animals (Hebrew),

 68 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
A collection of animals for beginner and intermediate Hebrew students. This is a personal list generated for private study. It only includes some audio.
Tags:   Animals Hebrew
Posted on:   02/07/2010

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   andrewravin

Cajun 2201: Les animaux dans le bois (French),

 15 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
Woods animals.
Tags:   animals cajun louisiana nature wild
Posted on:   01/07/2010

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   amandalafleur

C5: Animals (Romanian),

 30 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
Beginner list
Tags:   animal animale animals C5 oana pet romana romanian
Posted on:   01/18/2012

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   oanalupu23

Animals (Danish),

 18 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
A list of animals, in Danish!
Tags:   animals birds mammals
Posted on:   08/09/2011

5.0/5 (1 vote) (0 comments)
By:   Betagod

Birds of Prey (Spanish),

 14 Cards   List with images
Names for Birds of Prey in Spanish (various hawks, falcons, eagles, and owls)
Tags:   Animal Animals Avian Avians Bird Birding Birds Birdwatching Carnivore Carnivores Creature Creatures Eagle Eagles Falcon Falconry Falcons Fauna Flying Hawk Hawks Kestrel Kestrels Kite Kites Natural Nature of Ornithology Owl Owls Predator Predators Prey Raptor Raptors Spanish Species Wildlife Zoology
Posted on:   03/13/2009

0/5 (0 votes) (1 comment)
By:   JWhatmough

mammals 1 (Russian),

 6 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
learn new mammals, Pouched,Toothless, or Flying Mammals. only 6 items, learn for fun.
Tags:   1 animals learn mammals part
Posted on:   04/08/2009

5.0/5 (1 vote) (0 comments)
By:   LearnerMan

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