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4 lists found.

Basic Words 01 (Finnish),

 8 Cards  List with sounds
Taken from Finnish Languages of the World
Tags:   basic evening everyday Finnish humanta test_tag words
Posted on:   05/30/2007

5.0/5 (1 vote) (1 comment)
By:   TL

Meeting and Greeting 1 (Hindi),

 7 Cards  List with sounds
Created by Transparent Language
Tags:   evening greeting Hindi meeting morning mr mrs night no yes
Posted on:   05/30/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (1 comment)
By:   TL

Basic Words 01 (Bulgarian),

 9 Cards  List with sounds
Taken from Bulgarian Languages of the World
Tags:   a basic Bulgarian evening good words
Posted on:   05/29/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (1 comment)
By:   TL

Holidays - Expressions 2 (German),

 15 Cards   List with images
GCSE German: Holiday Time & Travel
Tags:   all appetit best bon congratulation congratulations enjoy evening expressions GCSE German good great! greeting greetings hello holiday holidays indeed meal much naturally no suppose thank thanks very worked yes you
Posted on:   03/06/2010

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   misterjohn

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