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3 lists found.

Meeting and Greeting 1 (Korean),

 8 Cards  List with sounds
Created By Transparent Language
Tags:   find greeting Hello im Korean meet meeting WRITING
Posted on:   05/29/2007

3.0/5 (2 votes) (1 comment)
By:   TL

School - Verbs 1 (German),

 22 Cards   List with images
GCSE German: Area of Experience A: Everday Activities. School. [Vocabulary for the UK German GCSE Examination at Foundation and Higher Levels]
Tags:   allow answer calculate connect correct end find GCSE German improve listen neglect observe reach show spend start stop study time translate understand use verbs write
Posted on:   01/08/2010

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   misterjohn

Verbs - trovare [Sentences] (Italian),

 41 Cards
Top 50 Verbs in Italian
Tags:   find Italian verb verbs
Posted on:   04/10/2011

5.0/5 (1 vote) (0 comments)
By:   misterjohn

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