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Asking for Directions (Russian),

 9 Cards  List with sounds
Created By Transparent Language
Tags:   A are directions doing early enough for game Good hello honey how in it learning little own pretty the toilet very whimoon you
Posted on:   12/19/2006

4.0/5 (2 votes) (5 comments)
By:   TL

Lesson 01 Part 01 (German),

 14 Cards  List with sounds
Taken from Say It In Lesson 01
Tags:   ©2013 00 002 01 05 09 1 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 2 20 201-240 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 3 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 4 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 5 6 7 8 9 à a abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv About Add afin All alpins am appuyer area armor armored around as assault assaut autor Average barbed barbelés blessé blindé blindés blog boat Byki ç Cahier Card cart casque center Central CentralMy centre ch char chausseurs clear Clients code Collapse Comments commit Conditions confiscate confisquer Courses crawl Created creep d'attache de déjà Deluxe déminer déploiement deployment derp des display Download Edit Email Embed embusqué encore English enlist entraînement essayent et etc étrangers Expand Express ExpressFREE Facebook FAQs Fast. Favorites FavoritesAdd file fire Flag For forced forcée Forever.Cart foriegners Free French FSI fun fusil gardakern gaulois Gauls gender German Go Google Government ground hello helmet Help homme HTML. hub i Image import in infantry intelligence is it it! Italian Items job join juliarvo! jump killed Know l'appui la Language Language. le Learn leçon légers les lesson lightweight Link List Lists live locate lol m Macintosh man manual march marche marine masculine mer métier Military mines Mixx Module More mountain My n navy ne... none notre o objectionable of Offline on oneself Online or order OS Out overboard p page PageSign part patrol patrouille patrouiller place Point Policy port Print Privacy Products que quelqu'un-chose r ramper rapport Rate Rating RatingFrench réchauffer recrue recruit recruiter recruiting recrutement Reddit réel registry renseignement repérer report Reserved. retube rien-personne rifle Rights Russian s'échelonner s'engager s'entraîner sapeur sapper saute! Save Score se Search Semi-vowels serve servir shopping Simple simply sniper Spanish spread StumbleUpon Support sur Tags tank Technical Terms terrain the This tir tireur To tout-terrain train training tranchée Transparent trench trying tué Twitter un une Unité urbaine urban Us Use vehicles véhicules Verbs View Vocab votre Vowels warm Web website Welcome What Windows wire With WK wounded X Your zone
Posted on:   05/24/2007

2.8/5 (4 votes) (0 comments)
By:   TL

Greetings (Spanish),

 41 Cards  List with sounds
Tags:   1 age and buenas did errores facilitation flashcards greeting greetings i in incorrect introduction is language learn Level1 needed really spanish tardes this to VenConmigo venus
Posted on:   07/10/2007

3.0/5 (4 votes) (2 comments)
By:   etclimber

Proverbs and Sayings 1 (Italian),

 15 Cards  List with sounds
Proverbs and Sayings 1
Tags:   in Italian morbide Proverbs quelle Sayings trine
Posted on:   03/31/2007

5.0/5 (1 vote) (5 comments)
By:   jeremyferrara

Basic Words 05 (Norwegian),

 10 Cards  List with sounds
Taken from Norwegian Languages of the World
Tags:   basic i in Norwegian norwegien numbr words
Posted on:   05/29/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   TL

Asking for Directions 1 (Arabic),

 12 Cards  List with sounds
Created By Transparent Language
Tags:   Arabic asking directions I in LOVE out YOU
Posted on:   05/31/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   TL

At the Hotel 1 (Norwegian),

 16 Cards  List with sounds
Created By Transparent Language
Tags:   in norwegian norwegien verb
Posted on:   04/04/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   TL

Verb List 6 (French),

 10 Cards
Various verbs in the infinitive form
Tags:   French greetings in
Posted on:   03/11/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   jsnowy2768

Colors (Hebrew),

 11 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
Created By Transparent Language
Tags:   colors Hebrew in
Posted on:   05/29/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   TL

Ecce Romani Ch. 2 Vocabulary List A (Latin),

 16 Cards  List with sounds
Latin Words and Meanings
Tags:   common deo Ecce EcceRomani ESL est factus in Latin mea specs words
Posted on:   05/25/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (1 comment)
By:   sherry rowell

Realidades 3 Capítulo 10 (Spanish),

 76 Cards  List with sounds
Flash cards for the Realidades Textbook series.
Tags:   in list misspellings
Posted on:   06/18/2007

3.0/5 (2 votes) (3 comments)
By:   TL

Midterm - Verbs (Hebrew),

 79 Cards
the big dog verbs
Tags:   and are but definitions. English errors Hebrew in list several some spelling the there useful verbs
Posted on:   04/08/2008

3.5/5 (2 votes) (2 comments)
By:   nateshap

A-Y6e ch5--pour énumérer une suite d'actions; pour situer des actions dans le passé; pour dire comment on passe son temps libre; les films; vocab général (French),

 33 Cards  List with sounds
to list a series of actions; to situate actions in the past; to say how one spends one's free time; films; general vocab
Tags:   actions dans free go in le of out series temps the to
Posted on:   02/06/2008

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   linguafex

French expressions (French),

 939 Cards
french expressions
Tags:   add ByKi can cards how I in the to
Posted on:   09/06/2009

5.0/5 (1 vote) (0 comments)
By:   madbeanz

Word Bank, Part 1 (Norwegian),

 20 Cards
Word Bank, Part 1
Tags:   1 Bank flaws in list Part Word
Posted on:   11/10/2009

1.0/5 (2 votes) (5 comments)
By:   Veneror

Episodio 10 - Verbos (Spanish),

 15 Cards
episode 10
Tags:   Chinese flashcards in list Spanish
Posted on:   11/13/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   teresam5216@stu

Spanish 1 Chapter 8 Part 1 (1) (Spanish),

 41 Cards  List with sounds
Spanish 1 Chpater 8 Part 1 (1)
Tags:   about and color colth in shop SpanishJulieStoneExpresate style
Posted on:   02/26/2008

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   jstone

Episodio 12 - Profesiones 2 (Spanish),

 12 Cards
epsidio 12
Tags:   and flashcards in list Spanish swahali
Posted on:   11/29/2007

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   patrice

Ordering at a restaurant (Portuguese),

 8 Cards  List with sounds   List with images
How to order food at a restaurant
Tags:   arestaurant in ordering
Posted on:   08/28/2008

0/5 (0 votes) (0 comments)
By:   riogringa

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