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Mixtec, Ixpantepec Nieves: Conversation and vocabulary with Eder (Others),

 12 Cards  List with sounds
Some questions and vocabulary in the Mixtec baja lanugage of Ixpantepec Nieves, Silacayoapan, Oaxaca, Mexico. Algunas perguntas y palabras en la idioma Mixteca baja de Ixpantepec Nieves, Silacayoapan, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Tags:   Algunas and baja de en idioma in Ixpantepec la lanugage Mexico Mexico. Mixtec Mixteca mixteco Nieves Oaxaca of palabras perguntas questions savi Silacayoapan Some the tu'un vocabulary y
Posted on:   07/17/2010

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By:   villasboas

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